A rescuer from the SPCA caught the entire nerve-wracking rescue on camera while bringing the kitten to safety


What better way to celebrate #WorldAnimalDay than with an amazing animal rescue from the other side of the world.

SPCA Singapore shared a video to their Facebook page of a kitten in desperate need of help. The tiny tabby cat managed to sneak out the window of his owner’s 12th story apartment and get stuck on the ledge below.

On Monday, the SPCA received a call from a concerned citizen, who spied the cat from their apartment across the street. Rescuers were immediately sent to the scene to save the kitten from his towering trap. Police officers assisted the SPCA with their mission, staying on the ground floor, below the ledge, with a blanket in case the animal took a tumble during the rescue.

Thankfully, the blanket wasn’t put to use. An SPCA rescuer equipped with an animal catcher’s pole, which featured a GoPro camera, was able to lower the loop out the window, snag the cat and carefully bring the pet inside.

Thanks to the pole’s special accessory, we can watch the entire rescue. The above clip has the tension of a heist movie, the happy ending of a rom com and stars one very concerned kitten. Basically, it’s the blockbuster you’ve been waiting for — unless you’re afraid of heights.

After this nail-biter of a rescue, the rattled but unharmed kitten was reunited with his owner, who was advised to add mesh to their windows to prevent further vertigo-inducing incidents.