Ryan Gosling, these baby geese need you!

By Kelli Bender
April 18, 2016 08:37 PM

In a society where child-rearing involves a good amount of coddling and baby-proofing, this video of parenting in the animal kingdom leaves the mind reeling. 

How did those babies get up there in the first place? 

Why do the parents think baby goose base-jumping is a good idea? 

Aren’t they concerned about those “plop” sounds? 

Are baby geese filled with air and jello? 

Why isn’t Ryan Gosling here to help his fellow goslings down from those terrifying heights? 

This clip answers none of these questions, but it does show you that geese are all about tough love, and that they have looser views on the effects of gravity than the rest of us. I guess the power of flight can go to your head. 

The good news is that, after being coaxed to do a trust fall from the top of an 8-ft. carport, all of these little goslings are unharmed and back on level ground.