November 23, 2016 10:42 AM

It’s turkey time at the Lowry Park Zoo — and the animals’ interpretation of that is wildly different than ours.

The staff at the Florida zoo prepared special Thanksgiving-themed enrichment items for some of the animals, which included a giant turkey filled with treats for the southern white rhinos.

Watch the video as the rhinos try to snag some tasty alfalfa and demolish the colorful structure in the process — except for Kipenzi, the youngest of the bunch, who was a bit unsure at first and stayed close to his mom. Hey, we feel you, Kipenzi, that turkey could definitely be nicknamed “crazy eyes.”

The African elephant herd also got some special attention, with staff setting out apples, carrots, oak tree limbs and alfalfa in the shape of a cornucopia.

Treats were spread throughout the yard as well, motivating the elephants to explore the space and work off their Thanksgiving Day meal — we’re planning similar exercises on Thursday to combat our turkey day fatigue!

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