The trespassing gator hissed at the man but did not hurt him

By Kelli Bender
March 20, 2017 01:29 PM

Based on recent alligator behavior, it appears these animals are aching for a more suburban life.

Just a few days after interrupting a professional golf game, gators are back in unexpected places that are even closer to home.

According to CBS Philly, a man in Brevard County, Florida, recently walked into his garage and spotted a toy alligator. The only issue — it wasn’t a plaything.

After getting closer to the “toy,” the man realized it was a real gator camped out in his garage.

With his daydream of domestic bliss interrupted, the alligator hissed at the man as he approached. Instead of dealing with the animal himself, the homeowner wisely called animal control.

Officers arrived shortly after the call and safely removed the alligator and released him back into his natural habitat.