February 17, 2015 01:35 PM

Erick Brown is hearing hoofsteps outside his window once more.

The Destin, Florida, resident was reunited with his pet goat Deer (yes, “Deer”) after an excruciating two weeks apart, reports Northwest Florida Daily News.

Thankfully, a Nightcrawler-esque videographer happened to be on the scene when Brown held the hooves of his pygmy goat once more.

Dressed in a neon, tie-dye, rainbow robe, the owner shepherded his furry friend out to the parking lot to head home while fielding questions from the cameraman, who sounds quite dedicated to his animal reunion beat.

Brown lost custody of the animal after someone reported him to the authorities for dragging the goat behind a bicycle. The pet was taken to the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society and evaluated. Veterinarians deemed the goat to be healthy and well cared for, ultimately deciding to return the animal to Brown.

“I love Deer. He’s my goat,” Brown said during the reunion. “I feel like me and Deer are like one.”

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