Hell hath no fury like a mama bunny scorned

By Maria Yagoda
Updated June 24, 2015 08:15 PM

Despite common knowledge in the animal kingdom that snakes eat bunnies for breakfast, this mama rabbit refused to sit idly by as a snake wrapped around what appear to be three baby bunnies.

In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube (and narrated by some highly excitable children), a mom rabbit fearlessly jumps on top of the snake in an attempt to set the tiny bunnies free.

Over the next minute or so, the rabbit continues to launch ferocious attacks on the snake, clearly not satisfied that the snake let the bunnies go – she chases after it, jumping and flipping atop its slithering body, as if to say: “And stay out!”

While one of the captured bunnies was able to hop free, the other two appear motionless, unfortunately, either stunned or killed by the snake.

Watch the tense video here: