November 21, 2016 04:46 PM

The Fire Department of New York City had a very special rescue this weekend.

On Friday, the FDNY received a call from a family in the Bronx who had lost their blind and deaf puppy. According to WABC, the family spent several days desperately searching for the disabled dog, but had no luck. Finally, on Friday, the owners heard whimpers coming from the walls of their home.

Wanting to safely rescue the dog, the family called the FDNY for help. Lieutenant Steven Lucchese and firefighters Patrick Chatterton, Brian Murphy, Anthony Morales, and Kyle Nevin of Engine 83 responded to the call.

Lucchese and the rest of the crew quickly discovered that the pup had fallen through a hole in the wall of a bathroom that was under renovation. After crawling into the hole, the puppy fell seven feet and became stuck between a piece of sheet rock and a pipe.

The firefighters were able to save the day — and the dog — by removing a piece of the bathroom floor and carefully pulling out the puppy, who is named Mustafa.

“The little boy and his mom were incredibly grateful. It felt good, and we’re so glad the little guy is okay,” Lucchese told WABC.

Mustafa, while rattled by the incident, was not harmed from his time behind the wall.


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