The search to bring the Woolly Mammoth back to life leads the Travel Channel to a famous pet cloning facility

Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown: Woolly Mammoth is on the hunt for the prehistoric creature, and it has led explorer Josh Gates to an unusual place: the Sooam BioTech Research Foundation.

This South Korea cloning lab has large (some would say mammoth) aspirations to bring back the woolly mammoth by creating a clone from fossil DNA. This may sound like science fiction, but the Sooam has a history of bringing the dead back to life.

The facility is one of the few places on Earth where pet owners can go to get an exact copy of a beloved pet; in fact, techs there have cloned more than 600 dogs so far. Because of that, an exclusive peek inside Sooam’s labs reveals that this is a pretty adorable place to work.

The lab caters to more than grieving pet owners with $100,000 to spare on a clone: Sooam also replicates service and working dogs, who were especially skilled at their jobs, like search and rescue dog Tracker, who pulled the last survivor from Ground Zero following the 9/11 attacks.

This precious pit stop at Sooam is just a small step on the road to learn more about the woolly mammoth. Tune in to Expedition Unknown: Woolly Mammoth Part 1 on Travel Channel on Wednesday, Dec. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and then catch Part 2 on Wednesday, Jan. 4, at the same time.