A new video extols the importance of dogs in women's lives

A man’s best friend is so much more than that.

On this #InternationalWomensDay, it took a video from Cesar brand to inspire us to retire that phrase in honor of all the women who call canines their best friends, too.

The brand has launched a new program highlighting the bond between women and their dogs, and after you’ve shed a tear watching the video above — with an aim of “rewriting history” — smile at this photo series featuring everyday women posing with their beloved dogs.

Actress Lucy Hale posed with her dog Elvis for the series, which was shot by Elias Weiss Freidman, the photographer behind the best-selling book The Dogist.

“He’s my protector,” says Nuala, one of the women featured in the series who poses with her German shepherd, Magnus. “The day my boyfriend left for basic training, I was very upset. Magnus stood at my desk and wouldn’t let anyone bother me. We’re best friends because he’s part of my soul.”

Is your dog your soul mate? Share your love story on social media with the hashtag #WomansBestFriendToo.

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