SPCA International answered the call when a family emailed about their dog Fox, who was left behind in Aleppo

By Amy Jamieson
Updated October 08, 2016 12:33 PM

A family who said goodbye to their dog in Aleppo, Syria, said hello to him again recently in Canada — and we mean it when we say you’re going to need tissues for this one.

Thanks to SPCA International, a dog named Fox was reunited with his family, who fled from Aleppo in late 2015 after a missile hit their home.

One of sons in the family originally emailed SPCA International this message after they were placed in Montreal, Quebec, with refugee status: “I left Syria urgently with my mom and my brother, but we left our lovely dog, Fox, in Aleppo, Syria. We left him with our dad in a very dangerous area named Syrian El-Jadideh. Please help us bring our Fox [to Montreal]. Mom [is] always crying. She is extremely worried about Fox.”

They left a lot behind in Syria: their father who is disabled, their elderly grandmother and their dog. The father stayed behind because of his own disability but also because the grandmother is too old to travel and can’t care for herself, SPCA International said.

The journey was long for Fox but definitely worth it. He traveled from Aleppo to Damascus and across the border to Lebanon by car, the video explains. Then he was flown from Lebanon to Germany, and finally to Canada’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport on Sept. 26, where his family — the mother and two sons — were there waiting for him.

There were still tears from Mom, but for a very different reason. “It was a great feeling seeing Fox again. He was in our thoughts for so long and it felt like something was missing,” said Gaby Andrawos, one of the sons in the video. “It felt like a very important part of our lives was missing for a long time and we finally got him back.”

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