A clip of one woman’s hilarious snake dance has been viewed over 450,000 times on YouTube

By Amy Jamieson
June 20, 2017 05:06 PM

What’s the emoji for … absolutely horrified?

That’s how we felt after watching security footage, posted by a man named Ariel Rosso on YouTube, which shows the terrifying moment his wife realizes the object she picked up from the ground WITH HER BARE HANDS is not a dog toy, but a slithering rattlesnake.

“If you are going to pick your dog’s toy in the dark, make sure it’s not a live rattlesnake!” says the caption for the video, which has been viewed over 450,000 times. “Thankfully my wife Carla was not bit, but she needs to work on running away skills!”

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He’s referring to the wild snake dance Carla does when the supposed dog toy moves in her hand, prompting her to flail around and shake off any contact she had with the reptile.

It’s best performed in a bathrobe and flip flops — with a canine partner as lead.