March 31, 2017 02:25 PM

The helmet camera of an Abingdon Volunteer firefighter caught a beautiful moment this month.

According to People Against the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the firefighting team was called in for a house fire. At first, the rescuers thought the house was empty, but soon realized that two dogs and a cat were caught inside amongst the flames and smoke. The team acted quickly, entering the home and working to remove the animals.

Firefighter Paul McNelly was tasked with saving Roxy, who was stuck under a pile of smoldering furniture. The rescue of Roxy, who was near death when the firefighters arrived, was captured on McNelly’s helmet camera. Thanks to his dedication, Roxy survived the fire along with the other dog, Daisy. Sadly, the cat inside the home did not make it.

After their harrowing day, Roxy and Daisy are now back to full health. To celebrate their survival, PETA reunited the pooches with their rescuers. The Abingdon Volunteer Fire & Rescue in Virginia were treated to vegan cookies and a framed award for the their work. But the most important gift might have been the pack of first responder stickers they received from PETA, so the team can keep saving lives.

These stickers notify first responders that there are animals living in the home, so they know to look for them when they get inside. You can get your own sticker for your home, here



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