November 29, 2016 12:02 PM

One-month-old Peach and Pearl have found comfort in a caring canine.

The white bengal tiger babies were rejected by their mother shortly after birth at the Safaripark Zoo Stukenbrock, according to WTHR 13 who reported the story, and are being cared for by an unusual surrogate: a male dog named Leon.

There’s video of the new family bonding together in zookeeper Jeannette Wurms’s living room, which is located within the German zoo.

The zoo says these adorable cuddles are important to the cubs’ development. “The hope [is] that these two white tiger babies will become two queens of the jungle,” reads a message translated from German on the zoo’s website. “Now the little tigers are lovingly hand-fed, cuddled and massaged.”

This isn’t the first time Leon — dubbed the cubs’ “substitute papa” — has stepped in to help babies in need. He regularly takes care of the zoo’s “small predators,” the website says.

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