WATCH: Dog Goes on Adorable Squeak Marathon After Reuniting with His Favorite Toy

After five years, Finn and his squeaky pig are back together

Somewhere, squashed in a corner of a closet in your attic, you may still have that ratty, damp washcloth-smelling blanket you worshiped as a child.

We get it. Finn gets it. During his puppy-hood, Finn had a white, rainbow-speckled pig that he adored squeaking. Times change, toys fade, but puppies never forget.

Though the toy pig eventually phased out of Finn’s life, it still held a place in his heart. This video is proof.

After five years, Finn’s owner found the pig toy and reunited the squeaker with the dog. Just like old times, Finn immediately went to chomping on the rump roast of his old friend, making noises his pet parents hadn’t heard in years.

As the kids say, still a better love story than Twilight.

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