Frances the Dachshund happily spins around in her new wheelchair after being released from the hospital

January 24, 2017 12:30 PM

It’s hard to believe that someone threw sweet Frances away like trash.

The way she happily spins around in her new wheelchair is a sure sign that even the most neglected animals can overcome horrible circumstances.

The dachshund, who was placed in a trash bag and discarded in Philadelphia, was discovered on Wednesday morning by a good Samaritan, 6 ABC reported.

The Pennsylvania SPCA took her in, and following some time in the hospital, she was presented with a new set of wheels to help her get around better.

“While her injury is irreparable and she will require a canine wheelchair, she has a very good quality of life and has some great years ahead of her!” a message on the Pennsylvania SPCA’s Facebook page says.

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania SPCA said Frances’ future will be bright, she just needs to find the right owner.

“We are looking for an experienced pet parent, ideally someone who has had dachshunds before, but more than anything someone who is comfortable with the care that will accompany Frances,” Gillian Kocher, director of public relations and marketing, told PEOPLE in an email. “Although she has already been fitted for a doggie wheelchair and has a great quality of life, she will come with some medical needs that will have to be fulfilled. Being paralyzed from the waist down will require an adopter who is comfortable helping her go to the bathroom and recognizing that as she ages, she may face some additional challenges.”

Anyone interested in adopting this “wonderful” and “spunky” girl should fill out an adoption application via the Pennsylvania SPCA’s website. The PSPCA is asking anyone with information leading to the individual(s) responsible for dumping Frances to call the organization’s cruelty hotline, (866) 601-7722 (tips can be left anonymously).

After the last case involving a dog named Cranberry, who was also found in a trash bag, the PSPCA set up a donation page to help animals like Cranberry and Frances through supporting the PSPCA’s continued work to end animal cruelty. Click here to donate to its efforts.

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