Rescuers believe the stray dog crawled into the drum to stay warm

January 31, 2017 11:27 AM

A stray dog in Udaipur, India, seeking out warm refuge for the night found herself in a terrifying situation.

According to Animal Aid Unlimited, the canine wandered into a barrel to seek shelter, unaware the canister was full of tar. Rescuers believe the dog’s body heat melted the tar, causing it to stick to her fur and fuse her to the barrel.

Animal Air Unlimited was able to gently free the pup — who they found hyperventilating and running out of both time and hope — from the barrel. After getting the overwhelmed animal detached, the rescuers went to work cleaning the dog, carefully removing all of the sticky black gunk from her fur.

It took three hours of pulling off handfuls of solidifying tar before the pooch was able to stand on her own. Today, tar-fee and full of energy, the dog, who is now named Asha, has made a full recovery from this frightening incident.

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