Just one sniff is all it took

Just one sniff is all it took.

As science and plenty of working dogs have proven, canines experience the world through their noses. So it should come as no surprise that they can also experience emotions, like love and belonging, as an olfactory sensory perception as well.

In the video above, a dog displays just that: The scent-related memory and recognition of its owner. According to Digg, this pup and person pair were separated for three long years.

When the man first approaches his long-lost BFF, the dog appears to be a bit apprehensive of this stranger. But after a tentative first sniff, the pup is paws-down certain this dude is, well, his destiny.

Passionate dog hugs and kisses ensue, and the rest is shared history — and, hopefully, a bright future now that they’re back together.