April 29, 2016 04:33 PM

If you had the BEST. TIME. EVER., then had to go back to a shelter kennel where you’d spent the last 10 months, you’d cry too.

A video of a shelter pup who was heartbreakingly sad to return to his kennel after a “sleepover” at a staff member’s house, and cried for hours, tugged at people’s heartstrings on Facebook this week — and, we’re happy to report, the powerful clip is going to help this sweet boy find a home.

The Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center announced on Facebook that it is not accepting any more adoption applications for the dog named Juice, after the video, posted on April 21, caused an influx of inquires.

“We have received hundreds of calls, emails and messages from folks all over the country (and the world) about our boy. We’re happy to tell everyone that he has several great applications, and we hope he’ll be going home very soon.”

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Many more dogs like Juice want out of their kennels too, the shelter said, so there’s still a way you can help.

“If you’re in the area, come adopt one of Juice’s friends!” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Juice was our longest resident, but many of his friends have been waiting for many months as well.”

To see them, click here.



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