February 03, 2017 02:21 PM

Watch out, paperboy, there’s someone even cuter angling for your job.

His name is Quincy, and he’s a golden retriever who brings delivered newspapers to the doorstep of his neighbors in Boulder, Colorado.

His owner Paul Goldan tells News 9, who reported the story, that it took a few months for the pup to learn to pick up newspapers with his mouth — from the ground or from newspaper mailboxes — and bring them to front doors.

“My wife and I decided that, if he can chase a ball, why not go out and get the paper?” he tells the station of the dog’s training. “When I saw that he could do that, I thought, ‘Why stick to one house?'”

While the dog has been on this paper route for 11 years, there are no signs that he’s ready to retire — especially given all the treats he gets with this gig (he gets one treat for every successfully delivered paper).

“We all know Paul and we love Paul and we also love Quincy,” said neighbor Mia Fox, who cuddles the pup in the clip above. “He’s got a special personality, too.”

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