WATCH: Clever Dog Collects Golf Balls, Raises Money for Local Animal Shelter

The six-year-old Bernese mountain dog is a "good retriever," his owner told KARE 11

Davos is totally on the ball!

The pooch from Albertville, Minnesota, is a pro at carefully retrieving golf balls in his mouth and dropping them into the back of a golf cart — he’s so good at it that he’s caught and sold 400 of them, raising $100 for his local animal shelter.

“I’m a lousy golfer, but he’s a good retriever,” his owner, Al Cooper, told KARE 11 news, who reported the story.

Cooper said the six-year-old Bernese mountain dog has been finding and retrieving missing golf balls for years, often scooping them up for his owner when they head into the weeds at Cedar Creek Golf Course.

At first, they collected the balls and sold them back to golfers, for about 25 cents each, to fund dog treats and veterinary bills, the story said. But, Davos had a bigger, more philanthropic plans in mind after he watched an ASPCA commercial about needy animals (you know, the ones that make you cry your eyes out).

“He’d just cry his little heart out when he’d see those commercials,” Cooper told KARE.

This past Wednesday, Cooper had Davos give $100 wrapped in a rubber band around his paw to Deanna Kramer, senior philanthropy advisor at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley— and more donations are planned, his owner said.

“That was probably the cutest donation presentation I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of,” Kramer said.

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