January 12, 2016 05:40 PM

There are many perks to living in Alaska: close proximity to some of your favorite reality stars, killer vistas, lots of space. But one of the best benefits of  The Last Frontier is the animal encounters. 

Ginger the cat is just discovering she has some peculiar neighbors in her Alaska backyard. In this clip, the kitty, clad in her natural winter coat, spies a moose and her baby lounging in the grass. 

Can this tender family moment be real? Ginger cautiously saunters up for a closer look. As if to prove they aren’t a mirage, the moose stand up and show off their impressive stature. Wait until the other felines hear about this! 

Ginger attempts to take a few more steps towards the pair, but when momma moose tries to meet her halfway, the scaredy cat decides it’s a good time to check what’s going on back inside the house. 

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