The kitty, now named Lola, was discovered in a shipping container by employees from the Gosselin Group

Container Cat

It was likely a long journey for Lola.

The feline was discovered in a shipping container by the Gosselin Group company in Belgium after an apparent trek from Baltimore, Maryland — and a video of the little survivor is super cute (that’s schattig in Dutch, FYI).

A Gazet van Antwerpen story translated from Dutch describes how the kitty was found. When the last container was pulled from the ship in Deurne, it says, they were surprised to see a cat near a forklift. It took time to rescue her, but they finally scooped her up and realized she had an injured leg — which will likely require surgery. Lola, the story said, is now her name.

Richard Scher, a spokesman for the Maryland Port Administration, told The Baltimore Sun that the container could have been loaded anywhere in the U.S, but that it’s possible it was loaded locally for export through the port of Baltimore.

“It is not common to have animals receive an all-expenses paid trip inside a container,” Scher wrote in an email to The Sun. “We are happy however to hear that Lola apparently survived her journey and was cared for upon her discovery.”