February 14, 2017 05:04 PM

Here’s another reason to always choose the window seat.

A cat from Rumford, Maine, had an unobstructed view of his furry arch nemesis, the squirrel, and nothing but a sheet of glass separated them from sparring.

In the video posted on Facebook by Diane Mitchell, her 8-year-old cat Milo can be seen pawing at a window as a squirrel watches curiously near a giant pile of snow.

“[Milo] had just come in from outside when the little squirrel borrowed underneath the snow to get the sunflower seeds at the base of our window,” she tells PEOPLE in an email.

“The stand off,” as the video is called, has received 28,000 views on Facebook so far — which means squirrels everywhere will mostly likely seek out more cats to drive nuts through windows.

Just a few words of caution: in spring, windows open.

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