WATCH: Can You Tell What This Polar Bear Cub Is Dreaming About?

Do polar bears dream of frosty sheep?

Naps are vital to any growing baby. That’s why the Columbus Zoo’s new polar cub is stocking up on Zzz’s.

The Ohio zoo has been filming the white furball’s trips to slumberville, and the results are adorable. Experts says the cub’s snoozing shows signs of “contentment.” While this clip is obviously making me happy, it’s impossible to tell what dream content is making the baby bear so gleeful.

But, I do have a few guesses on what images the cub may be conjuring in her sleep:

1. She has been named the cover girl for the Christmas Coca-Cola can.

2. Every salmon run has been rerouted to flow through her exhibit.

3. Smokey the bear is taking her to prom.

Watch the clip above and reminisce on the childhood dreams that made you this happy.

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