WATCH: California Man Rescues Struggling Kitten from Floodwaters Near His Home

Skip Campbell waded into the floodwaters near his Sacramento home and rescued a drowning kitten; now the man is looking for a family to adopt the pet

A drowning kitten is back on dry land thanks to a quick-thinking Sacramento couple.

According to ABC10, on Sunday, Skip Campbell and his wife Nancy went from a walk near their California home, which was interrupted by an odd noise.

Skip told the outlet he "looked over and saw a little head bobbing up." It was a kitten caught in the floodwaters rushing past the couple.

Skip responded to the sight of the struggling cat by wading into the floodwaters to rescue the feline.

"It was about waist-high. And I was just real careful because it does drop off about three feet away from where I'm at," Skip told KTXL, adding that the kitten he saved is "really pretty" with "beautiful green eyes."

kitten rescued from flooding

Footage of his kitten rescue shows Skip slowly stepping through the water until he reaches the kitten, which he calmly picks up by the scruff of the neck and brings back to land.

"I just held it out here so I wouldn't get bit or scratched," he told CBS13.

The Campbells brought the kitten home to dry off and relax but don't plan on keeping the animal since they already have a rescue cat.

According to KCRA, the couple already has several animal-loving neighbors interested in giving the kitten a forever home.

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