June 25, 2015 09:25 PM

A vent pipe is no place for a tiny teacup terrier.

A 3-month-old puppy named Bailey was trapped in an exposed vent pipe for more than two hours on Wednesday before Buffalo, New York, firefighters and city workers came to his rescue, working tirelessly for hours to get him out safe.

Someone called 911 to report the trapped puppy when they heard whimpering sounds coming from the drain, though the caller wasn’t able to see him.

After over two hours of maneuvering large equipment to excavate a hole big enough for someone to jump in, a rescue worker finally pulled out the puppy, who was dirty and moist. Immediately, crew workers administered oxygen.

“I love Buffalo firefighters, I love Buffalo police, I love all of y’all,” Bailey’s owner said, holding back tears.

When Bailey finally emerged from the pipe unharmed, the sizable crowd of workers, firefighters and family cheered and applauded.

“Some people might think we went over and above, but that’s what our guys do every day,” Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield told WIVB. “We’re very grateful there was a happy ending. We’re very satisfied.”

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