WATCH: Brave Hunting Dog Fights Off Two Wild Wolves

Klara the Swedish elk hound is currently recovering from the attack

WARNING: Video contains graphic and potentially upsetting footage

The phrase “dog eat dog world” almost become a grim reality for a hunting dog named Klara.

Klara, a Swedish elk hound, was out on a moose-hunting trip in Värmland County, Sweden, with her owner Tommy Berglund, when she wandered off into a dangerous situation, reports Gizmodo.

“My impression is that she was out on a regular search excursion,” Berglund told Swedish Hunting.

Instead, the scent Klara was following led her right up to two aggressive wolves, who attacked the 4-year-old dog.

Klara’s terrifying ten-minute stand off with the wild animals was captured on video by a GoPro camera attached to the dog’s gear. The footage shows the wolves repeatedly lunging and biting at the dog, while she tries to fight them off. Eventually, Klara lies down, too weak to continue, and the wolves run off.

Berglund found an exhausted Klara, covered in bite marks, shortly after the fight ended and immediately picked her up and ran her back to his vehicle parked half a mile away. Thankfully, there was a veterinarian just a 25-minute drive from where the pair was hunting. Berglund rushed Klara to the vet, where she was stitched up. The location of the vet – and a steel-lined vest that Klara was wearing – likely saved the injured dog’s life.

The courageous canine is now recovering at home and will probably retire from her hunting career.

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