Bethenny Frankel recently introduced the precious Lhasa Apso puppies on Instagram

Bethenny Frankel’s family just got a little bigger.

On Thursday, the Real Housewives of New York star welcomed two new rescue dogs. Named Biggie and Smalls, the precious pups are both Lhasa Apsos. Originally planning to get only one new dog, Frankel decided to adopt both because she couldn’t stand to separate the loving canine siblings.

Frankel shared the reveal of the dogs on Instagram with a video of the newcomers meeting Frankel’s daughter Bryn.

“There r some new furry babies joining the family!” Frankel wrote along with the video post, which shows the puppies playing together.

While Bethenny and Bryn seem smitten with the doggie duo, there is one opinion that is still out.

“U get one guess as to who is excited about these two new little furry beasts. Hint: it’s not me…. Thx a lot Beth,” Frankel’s senior dog Cookie quipped on Instagram.


The Beth in Cookie’s shout out is Beth Stern. The animal activist and experienced kitten foster mom helped Frankel adopt Biggie and Smalls from North Shore Animal League America.

It might take a minute for Cookie to come around, but we’re sure these pups will easily fit into the Frankel family.