July 08, 2015 08:25 PM

Oh, don’t act like we need a reason to show you a video of some baby seals playing in a waterfall in New Zealand.

And this can be a learning experience as well! Here are some facts about seals in New Zealand:

Seals are part of a group of mammals called “pinnipeds,” which have streamlined bodies and limbs that terminate as flippers. The New Zealand kekeno, or fur seal, is the most common seal in New Zealand. Before humans arrived on the island, there were about 2 million fur seals in New Zealand. Hunted for food and pelts, the species was near the brink of extinction before seal hunting was banned in 1984.

Today, they enjoy protection under the Marine Mammals Protection Act of 1978, and their numbers have steadily climbed upward since.

Those were some facts about seals in New Zealand.

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