Nigerian dwarf goat kids Arthur, Edith and Eleanor, could be Eddie Bauer models

We worry about our kids catching a cold, and so does this goat mom.

When her triplets were preparing for their first day outside at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine, it was below freezing. But her babies still got their day in the bright (albeit cold) sun, thanks to some handmade sweaters sent to the creamery from a fan in Tennessee.

The little, knit, wool frocks fit the Nigerian goat triplets Arthur, Edith, and Eleanor perfectly, allowing the trio to get used to stretching their hooves a bit. These aspiring Eddie Bauer models may already seem mature, but this clip was filmed only a day after their birth.

Yes, after a little over 24 hours on Earth, these kids are already trotting around and developing a fashion sense. Time to step it up, human babies.