November 30, 2016 11:29 AM

While the sad reality is that Friday is many days away — the good news is this goat was born without hooves, yet still manages to do a happy dance.

“Forgive my floor covered in hay, but Pocket just did his first happy baby goat dance!” says the caption for the video of the dancing cutie, shared on the Goats of Anarchy Instagram page on Monday.

Pocket, the name of the giddy goat, walks well — and clearly dances well — on his four foam prosthetics despite being born missing the lower half of both his back legs.

“They are just cute little stumps with no hooves,” says another @GoatsOfAnachry post. “His front legs are contracted, so they are splinted and will straighten out soon.”

Pocket will walk on these prosthetics until he’s older and graduates to real prosthetics. So far, walking is clearly this little guy’s jam.

“Pocket is walking like a pro,” says a post from a few days ago.

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