August 24, 2016 03:48 PM

We apologize in advance for making you cry today.

But we think you’ll agree it’s important to see this video of a baby elephant comforting its dying mother.

Australia’s Nine news says the footage was taken in 2014 but recently shared on BBC Earth’s YouTube channel to promote the series This Is Life.

In it, we see Cherie, a member of an elephant family from northern Kenya and her five-month old baby, named Sokotei, being watched by conservationists from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which helps endangered species in Africa.

Conservationist Saba Douglas-Hamilton grows concerned when she sees Cherie fall ill and she watches, in agony, as the baby elephant tries to comfort his mom.

“He’s reaching out his trunk and trying to hug his mother,” Douglas-Hamilton says to the camera (at which point you might start bawling like an infant like we did).

Why do they stay and watch this immensely sad scene? All so that they can help the vulnerable orphan.

“I’ve gotta stay here,” Douglas-Hamilton says. “The problem is that if for one reason or another that baby leaves its mother’s side we’ve got absolutely no hope finding it tomorrow.”

Hope is what DSWT would give Sokotei following his mom’s tragic death.

According to a Facebook post shared in July, the elephant graduated from a Nairobi elephant nursery and is living happily with other orphans.

To read more about the trust’s orphan elephants and the process of raising them, click here.

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