Switch birchwood and fire for barks and felines with Animal Planet's new holiday special

It’s yule log season. Time to throw some wood on the fire, and let the crackles and pops add extra enchantment to your holiday evening. For those of use without fireplaces, there’s the DVDs and clips of birchwood burning in the hearth for us to play on our TVs, a perfect background to holiday parties.

Animal Planet likes the yule log idea, but thinks it could be a little sweeter, so it’s swapping out wood for woofs. This Christmas, starting at 7 a.m., the channel will air Super Cute Yule Log, its answer to burning bark.

This special will feature puppies on sleds, kittens under trees, goats with gifts, dogs with dreidels and so much more. The only issue is that your family may spend more time watching this “yule log” than focusing on the holiday tasks at hand.

If you can’t wait for Christmas to get in on the cute, Super Cute Yule Log will be available to stream through Animal Planet GO starting Dec. 19.