The snow-loving Sheltie "goes full-in" says his owner

By Amy Jamieson
February 03, 2017 01:14 PM

Some dogs beg for treats — Roxie? She begs to go sledding.

The Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sheltie wants nothing more than to ride the frozen wave, according to ABC 7, who reported the story, and her owner is happy to oblige.

“Considering all the other dogs I’ve seen, they are too scared or they jump off right away. Roxie goes full-in, not afraid. She loves it. She begs to go sledding every day,” the dog’s owner Marissa Crowley, 18, told the station.

Playing in the frosty white stuff seems to have become a family affair. “We enjoy being outdoors and playing in the snow,” added Michael Crowley. “Being 52 years old, I build snowmen still, play with our dog out in the snow. Did that when our kids were a lot younger, and I just continue to enjoy doing that, being outside playing with Roxie and building snowmen.”

The dog uses the same sled Marissa used as a kid, the station says, and sometimes they have to pry the pup off of the sled when it’s time to go inside.