January 04, 2017 12:55 PM

It’s a victory lap to remember!

There were definitely cheers and likely a few tears as the final animal waiting to be adopted from a “Clear the Shelter” event at the Hawaiian Humane Society on Dec. 29 left the building in the arms of her new parent.

The lucky pup is named Beauty and her new owner sought her out after spying a picture online.

“A woman named Jan found her photo on the website, fell in love and came to see her on Thursday,” shelter spokeswoman Suzy Tam told ABC News, who reported the story. “Beauty happened to have just been cleared for adoption that same day, and she also happened to be the last dog available for adoption that day, too.”

The video, which shows the shelter’s staff cheering in a line as the dog is escorted out of the entryway, is a reminder that finding homes for all of them is possible. “We just really wanted to celebrate Beauty’s adoption and the fact that we were able to clear the shelter for the first time ever,” Tam added.

“Thank you so much,” the dog’s smiling new mom says in the heart-warming video, “I think we should [go] on a honeymoon now!”

New animals are available for adoption each day at the shelter. To view available pets, visit HawaiianHumane.org.

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