What nice hands you have, Opal the pit bull!

It’s time to make a hilarious “pit” stop during yet another Monday back at work.

This delightful moment comes from Our Pit Stop, an Instagram account belonging to a family that fosters pit bull dogs looking for forever homes.

The family’s current furry tenant is Opal, a beautiful girl who came to them seven months ago from Fern Dog Rescue. When Opal the “silliest little hippo” was found, she had very little fur due to a skin infection and was also plagued with a myriad of other health issues.

Thanks to the dedication of her foster family and her own upbeat attitude, Opal is now a happy and healthy pup, who, like many other dogs, has displayed a deep love for peanut butter.

As part of its #OpalNeedsaHome campaign, Our Pit Stop put her adoration for peanut butter on display with a classic “dog-head-with-human-hands” video.

The clip has helped raise awareness about Opal’s search for a forever home and has brought smiles to thousands of faces.

If you have room in your home for a lovable PB-eating pup, visit Fern Dog Rescue to learn more about Opal and put in an application.

NOTE: Peanut butter is a tasty treat for canines, but not all peanut (or other nut) butters are dog-safe. Make sure to only feed your pet all-natural peanut butters with no Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs, and no pieces that a pup might choke on.