June 03, 2016 04:42 PM

Sometimes a dog is the best teacher a kid can have.

Students at Pierce Middle School in Tampa, Florida, learned a lot about acceptance from Khalessi, an abuse survivor who now has a happy and full life despite enduring unimaginable torture.

According to WFLA.com, who reported the story, Khalessi, who wears the scars from her past all over her body, has a new job. She’s a goodwill ambassador, of sorts, spending her time visiting schools all over the bay area to help teach students lessons about acceptance and inclusion.

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The pit bull, who is missing half her face, was discovered in an Orlando, Florida, backyard when she was just 1-year-old. She was pregnant, emaciated, injured after being beaten with a baseball bat and unable to walk. It is believed the dog may have been used as a bait dog for other fighting dogs.
“I just think it’s amazing, and she’s happy and forgiving,” said one student who met Khalessi on Thursday during her visit to the school. “I just think she’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen right now.”

The dog’s owner, Stephanie Paquin, who brought the pup to the school, says Khalessi has an important message to share.

“Khalessi looks different, but she doesn’t treat anybody any differently, and she just wants love,” Paquin told WFLA. “A child can look different and they aren’t different on the inside, they just want love.”

Paquin hopes the pup will inspire kids going through tough times.

“Khalessi has a story that resonates with a lot of people who’ve had obstacles in their [lives],” she said, adding that the dog has been diagnosed with a terminal kidney condition. “She doesn’t let any of it get her down.”

To follow Khalessi’s new gig visiting schools, visit her Facebook page.


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