These dogs make face plants look good


Dog shows: the cotillions of the canine world. Each year thousands of pups are trotted out to show their stuff in agility and beauty contests.

But things aren’t always picture perfect in the ring. To err isn’t just human, these dogs do it too. The big difference is, when they do it, it is usually pretty doggone adorable.

Keep this stash of dog show fails, flops and toilet training accidents bookmarked for a rainy day, or, even better for a bad one. There’s nothing like watching a precious pup happily shake off a face plant to make you smile.

At this year’s Westminster Dog Show, Matilda decided not to rush through the agility course. Instead, she took time to smell the roses … and her own butt.

When you gotta go, your gotta go, even if you’re performing in front of a live television audience.

Rumor has it, every time you hear a “BONK!” at a dog show, a puppy gets its sense of shame.

This Jack Russel is SO EXCITED to be here competing at Crufts. In fact, maybe he is a little too excited. He did forget to use his feet for the first jump.

This golden retriever appeared on a Finnish TV show to demonstrate his training skills. Turns out he is better at snacking than following directions.

There’s actually no fails to be found in this video, just a good boy going at his own pace.