Blizzard the Polar Bear Celebrates Washington Zoo's Snow Day with Belly Flops and Face Plants

Blizzard, a 25-year-old polar bear living at Washington's Point Defiance Zoo, loves a good snow day

Fresh snow is bliss for Blizzard.

The senior polar bear recently woke up at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington, to find his exhibit covered in a new blanket of thick snow.

Some may see snow as a hassle, but 25-year-old Blizzard adores the cold stuff and isn't afraid to show his enthusiasm. The zoo's footage of the polar bear in the new snowfall shows that Blizzard loves a full-body snow experience.

In the adorable clip, Blizzard quickly face plants into the fresh snow before spreading his hulking frame flat against the ground. The bear takes a few moments to fully snuggle up with the snow and then flips on his back to make sure it hits all of his hard-to-reach spots.

Blizzard has known colder weather since the day he was born. Twenty-five years ago, Blizzard was found as an orphaned cub in the Arctic tundra near Churchill, Canada. Unable to survive on his own at such a young age, Blizzard was rescued and brought to the Point Defiance Zoo.

When there aren't inches of fresh snow for Blizzard to flop in, the polar bear enjoys playing with enrichment puzzles given to him by his keepers, swimming in his pool, and watching the visitors that stop by to say hello.

Blizzard isn't the only bear enjoying the winter weather. The pandas of Washington D.C.'s National Zoo recently enjoyed their own snow day, which included lots of sledding.

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