August 18, 2016 01:11 PM

Charley was the victim of an unthinkably cruel crime.

According to ABC News, the black Labrador ruptured a disc last year and now relies on a wheelchair to walk. On Monday night, while Charley rested, someone stole the wheelchair off the porch of his Long Beach, Washington home, leaving the dog confused and incapacitated.

“He’ll try to sit up and he doesn’t understand why he can’t get in his chair,” Rod Beauregard, one of Charley’s owners, told KATU.

It is unclear why someone would snatch a needy animal’s wheelchair, but Charley’s owners believe the crime was committed for parts.

“It has BMX wheels on it. Someone could put it on a bike. They’re going to throw the other piece away, probably,” Beauregard said.

Thankfully, Charley won’t stay wheel-less for long. A friend of the canine started a GoFundMe page shortly after the incident to raise money for a replacement chair. The page met its $585 goal in just a few hours, thanks to concerned neighbors, friends and family who eagerly pitched in to help the innocent pup.

Charley’s new wheelchair is already on the way, because of the quick and generous efforts of his community, and should be rolling again soon.

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