Watch as a dog drags a metal chair through a grassy park in London

By Amy Jamieson
April 18, 2017 11:56 AM

A canine catastrophe caught on video is a wake-up call for all pet parents who make a habit of tying their dogs to chairs when they’re out and about.

In the scene — which took place on Feb. 16 in London, according to the video’s caption — a leashed dog is seen dragging a metal chair through a grassy park along the banks of the river Thames.

“A lady tied her dog to a chair outside a cafe while she went to order a coffee,” says the caption. “The dog clearly had other ideas and ran off, pulling the chair behind him and leaving his owner to chase after him as he tried to run away! The dog clearly loved every second of it!”

Thankfully, someone stops the pooch and grabs hold of the leash before he can go any further — which reminds us of how important it is to make sure pets with a penchant for running away (with or without furniture!) are microchipped.

For more tips on keeping your pet safe this spring season, visit the ASPCA’s website.