It sounds blissful, but Kevin Spacey doesn't agree

By Kelli Bender
Updated April 14, 2016 04:08 PM

Ever want to switch places with a cat for a day, and spend an afternoon resting in a sunbeam?

It sounds blissful, but Kevin Spacey doesn’t it’s so perfect (ahem, purrfect). In this exclusive first look at the new trailer for Nine Lives, we see how the House of Cards actor handles being turned into a common house cat.

In the clip, successful businessman but floundering father Tom Brand (Spacey) stops by Christopher Walken’s cat shop — keep an eye on for celebricat Lil Bub — for the fuzzy birthday gift for his daughter. Instead of walking out with a feline, Brand paws out as one.

And so the body-switching hijinks and life lessons ensue. Can one of the richest men in the world learn how to use a litter box and win back the love of his family?

Find out!