November 22, 2016 04:31 PM

Instagram fame is a fickle thing, but it helps when you’re an unassailably cute animal (or two). Case in point: Wally and Ellie, two “adopted, cage-free besties living the house bunny lyfe in California,” per their profile.

We don’t have much more info on the pair than that, but gosh they’re cute. Some of our favorites:

Sleeping rabbits are definitely some of the top rabbits.


Wally’s really working the “just rolled out of the woodchips” look with his hair. He gets great lift.


It’s not really sharing unless you’re physically touching the other person while you eat.


It’s also not sharing unless you’re actively taking food out of someone’s mouth. Or wait, is that theft I’m thinking of?


Everyone loves a bunny in a hat!


Ellie seems to have the mental edge in the relationship, judging by this video where she sneaks pellets out of the cups before Wally’s able to get to them.


But throughout it all, they remain the best of friends.

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