The marsupial was safely apprehended and is set to be released back into the wild in a few days

By Kelli Bender
January 17, 2018 02:30 PM

It was wallaby rush hour at the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Tuesday.

According to The Associated Press, one of the marsupials, an adult male, found his way into the city in the early morning and started bounding across the eight-lane bridge. The appearance of the wayward swap wallaby, a species common in Eastern Australia, brought traffic to a halt.

Police soon caught up with the hopper and followed him off the bridge onto an expressway heading toward the famed Sydney Opera House. Perhaps in a test tape for an animal-centered spin-off of COPS, the officers following the wallaby filmed their chase until they reached an area where it was safe to pick up the animal.

An officer was able to capture the critter near the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and wrangled him to safety. The wallaby was not seriously injured during the encounter and will likely be released back into the wild in a few days.

“It’s unusual obviously to have a wallaby running around on the Harbor Bridge, but there are more and more of these wallabies turning up in bush land close to the city,” Veterinarian Larry Vogelnest, who treated the wallaby, said.

After his brief fling in the city, the wallaby is now resting up and waiting for a few minor scrapes to heal at a nearby wildlife hospital before he is sent back to his home in the countryside.