February 05, 2018 05:27 PM

A wallaby tried out its sea legs and found they didn’t work too well. Thankfully, Manly Fast Ferry was there to help the marsupial, well, fast!

According to Sydney Morning Herald, a crew aboard one of the ferries, which runs between the Sydney suburb of Manly and the city itself,  spotted the little animal trying to doggy paddle in harbor waters on Wednesday morning.

Eager to serve all of Sydney, the ferrymen and women rescued the wallaby while onlookers anxiously watched from a nearby jetty.

Renee Gartner was one of the animal lovers closely watching the effort, and she managed to catch the rescue on film.

The clip shows the ferry crew using a looped rope to carefully hoist the not-so-seafaring mammal out of the water, until the female wallaby was close enough to the craft to be brought aboard.

The rescue was met with cheers on-site and online. Gartner shared her video of the moment on Twitter, where the footage has been retweeted over 400 times.

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A volunteer from the animal protection group Sydney WildLife was on hand to take over caring for the wallaby once she was out of the water. Jodi Lewis named the accidentally swimmer Christine and says the animal is doing well after her harbor dip. She has a few scratches and some water in her lungs, but that is something the group is confident they can fix, especially when things could’ve been much worse.

Lewis believes the wallaby was chased into the water by a dog. And while drowning did pose a threat, it was the boats traveling through the busy area that were the biggest risk to Christine’s life. Good thing the watchful eyes of the Manly Fast Ferry found her before she strayed too far.

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After that soggy ordeal, Christine is resting up and enjoying plenty of snacks. The ferry company posted on its Twitter that Christine is expected to make a full recovery and be released back into the wild soon.

She is following in the bouncy steps of another roving wallaby. Just a few weeks ago a wallaby was spotted crossing Sydney Harbor Bridge with the busy city traffic. The marsupial was also rescued without serious injury and is expected to return to the wild.

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