Hanging feeders keep your pet’s bowl secure – and are cool to boot.

By Kate Hogan
Updated January 06, 2009 03:34 AM

For the past 15 years, my Sheltie, Andy, has nudged his bowl of food around the kitchen floor like a hockey puck. What I wouldn’t have given for a These Creatures hanging feeder to stop his silly habit before it started! The brainchild of Dez Stone Menendez, a designer, and Frank Mansfield, who rescues pit bulls, These Creatures feeders are wall-mounted food bowls that feature intricate backsplash designs of various dog and cat breeds. Made to order, the feeders are crafted from steel (and come with matching screws), and include two removable stainless bowls. They’re also sustainable – the shop Dez and Frank share is next door to the steel facility, and all products are created under the same roof.

Not only are the feeders cute, but they have health benefits, too: Eating at face-level aids in digestion for animals (especially larger dogs) and causes less neck stress, which can reduce the risk of arthritis later in life.

Right now, the company has a lengthy list of breeds they design for, and plan to add more in the near future. They also have generic dog and cat designs, plus feeders with squirrel and octopus designs – which are surprisingly among the most popular items! Like any pet-friendly company, they also donate a percentage of proceeds to local animal charities.