Jon Bernthal's new puppy Bam Bam joins his two other pit bull dogs and three children

By Kelli Bender
July 19, 2017 03:50 PM
Source: Jon Bernthal/Twitter

Turns out things are going just dandy for Shane Walsh.

The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal has gone from fending off walkers to supporting one of the dog world’s most misunderstood breeds.

Bernthal recently posted to Instagram and Twitter (because one social network is never enough for a proud pet parent) that he is now the dad to an adorable pit bull puppy named Bam Bam.

The Baby Driver actor adopted the puppy this month and is already smitten.

“Rescue a Pit Bull. They just may rescue you back. Big love,” Bernthal wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of him holding Bam Bam.

The new pup parent and son to Humane Society of the United States chairman of the board Eric Bernthal already has two other pit bulls, according to

Bam Bam’s arrival into the family is just Bernthal’s latest effort to support pit bulls and strike down the unfairly negative stereotypes that have followed the breed for years.

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Unfortunately, there are still numerous cities where pit bulls and similar-looking dogs are banned or regulated based on the actions of abusive owners who have trained pit bulls through cruelty to be vicious enough to participate in dog fights.

Bernthal shows what pit bulls are like naturally, when they are raised by a responsible owner in a home filled with care and affection.