Move Over Penguin Dads, Vulture Same-Sex Couple Adopt Orphan Egg and Raise Chick Together

The Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo male griffin vultures have been a bonded pair since 2010

Lin Manuel-Miranda said it best: “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.”

According to CBS News, two male griffon vultures in a long-term relationship at the Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo have successfully hatched an abandoned egg together.

These fine feathered fellows have been a couple since 2010. The zoo’s website notes that this kind of same-sex pair is not uncommon, especially among bird species. Animal lovers may recall the media blitz around the Humboldt penguin dads at Germany’s Bremerhaven Zoo in the early aughts, but the vulture dads are a first for the Dutch zoo.

The zoo reports in a statement that keepers discovered a lone egg on the vulture aviary’s floor and originally put it in an incubator. However, they later decided to try placing it in the empty nest that the male vulture couple had built together inside the enclosure. Sure enough, the loving avians took turns sitting on the orphan egg until it finally hatched. Now they’re reliably caring for their adopted baby, feeding it regurgitated food (as birds are wont to do). The sex of the chick is currently unknown.

AOL mentions that the dads were brought to the Amsterdam zoo in 2010, former victims of animal trafficking by way of Spain.

We’re just overjoyed that these birds of a feather have found a new, loving life together in a safe space where they can now raise a healthy kid and live happily ever after. Congratulations, guys! We’ll be thinking of you during PrideFest this month.

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