Virginia Man Inadvertently Becomes Dad to 13 Ducklings (VIDEO)

The new dad plans to raise the ducks until they're old enough, then release them into neighborhood lakes and ponds

Hey, at least he’ll never suffer from empty nest syndrome.

Matthew Sargent, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, took this video of his neighbor, who became a reluctant father to a brood of ducklings after their mother met an untimely demise. The ducklings imprinted on Sargent’s neighbor; Sargent’s daughter, Carlisle, uploaded the video to Reddit, and the rest is Internet history.

“I asked my dad about what my neighbor plans to do with the ducklings, and apparently he is going to keep them at his home for a while, and train them to use the bathroom in one part of his yard,” Carlisle mentioned on Reddit.

“My dad said also my neighbor is gonna wait ‘til their oil comes in [the birds’ natural oil that helps waterproof their feathers] and then take them to live in the ponds/little lakes in our neighborhood.”

This is just like Fly Away Home. Or Harry and the Hendersons.

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