Hundreds of Beagles Bred for Research Will Get Forever Homes Thanks to Virginia Animal Rescue

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is ensuring more than 400 surplus Beagles don't face euthanasia by finding the canines homes across "Virginia and beyond"

beagles for adoption
Photo: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Thanks to a Virginia animal rescue, over 400 Beagles born at a breeding facility that supplies canines to research companies are getting a chance at love.

According to a release from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, in January, the Fairfax-based rescue agreed to find homes for over 400 Beagles from Envigo — a Cumberland-based breeding company — that had become surplus during the pandemic and were no longer up for sale.

By agreeing to take on responsibility for Envigo's surplus canines, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue is ensuring more than 400 Beagles don't face euthanasia and get to enjoy the affection and care of loving families instead.

"While certainly a monumental task, this is not something I had to think about for more than a second before agreeing. It is truly an honor to be able to give these dogs the lives they deserve," the rescue's executive director, Sue Bell, said in a statement.

beagles for adoption
Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue has already moved over 300 Beagles from Envigo to partner shelters and rescues across "Virginia and beyond" with room to care for the dogs until they are adopted.

"I would love nothing more than to have 400 Beagles at our shelter, that is obviously not possible. We have been lucky to have the amazing support of groups like the Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Wyoming, Priceless Pet Rescue in California, the Richmond SPCA, and other Virginia groups stepping up to take these dogs in," Bell added.

Envigo is grateful to Bell and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for giving bright futures to their surplus dogs.

beagles for adoption
Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

"Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, and its founder Sue Bell, help find permanent homes across the country through a strong network and a true passion for animals. Her organization's professionalism and principles go hand-in-hand with ours, and we are always confident that every animal they place will be in a loving and happy home," a spokesperson for Envigo shared in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

To learn more about Homeward Trails Animal Rescue and its life-saving work, visit the rescue's website.

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